It's strange to complain about the media when you look in the mirror and realize that you are also part of the media. But, I really have reached the point where I'm really tired of being told what to think and how I should feel by media, social and otherwise.

2020 so far has been a year of turbulence and controversy. COVID-19, racism and the economy are hot topics and in most cases very necessary and healthy conversations. Before I dive in deep to my thoughts on this, there is a great danger to be misunderstood so let me clarify what I would call my life creed. These are the principles I live by and they are non-negotiable.

  • My faith in and relationship with God is my ultimate priority. End of story.
  • I have never been a racist and never judge someone by the color of their skin. In fact, I have rebuked racism when it presents itself including in my own family.
  • I judge people by their actions and not just their words. Show me don't tell me what you believe.
  • I prioritize honor and fear that it's becoming more and more rare.

With those things being said, there is a growing air of political correctness that in my opinion is going to a dangerous level. When I'm shown images, videos and/or stories about controversial topics, I rarely accept anything at face value. I factor in who or what is giving me a narrative and make my decisions based on how much I trust the source and how deeply I can confirm the information.

I'll give you a more specific example of what I'm talking about. My wife has a friend who has lost family members due to the COVID-19 virus. It's real and it's a human tragedy. But, I also highly suspect that there are powers that are using this crisis to achieve a completely different agenda. The media says I'm wrong to feel this way. Do I care? No.

I also need to be crystal-clear about the fact that I don't question the awful video and images of racial injustice. It's vile and no human beings should ever be treated this way. Do I also believe that there are political benefactors that would love to see us fight each other and be divided? You bet I do.

I am very suspicious of national mainstream media. I have convictions that many have an agenda that do not line up with my baseline values. Many of these media outlets have shared some very volatile topics and tell me I'm a bad person if I don't feel a certain way about it.

As long as I have freedom in America, I will believe what I want and feel how I want to feel about important issues. I don't need and won't accept the media making that decision for me. Ever.

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