After we all witnessed the brutal killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, it's obvious there still remains a racial divide in America. It's at this time that I believe it's vital that we understand that there is a big difference between peaceful protests and looting.

I need to make one thing very clear. I 100% support peaceful protesting in America. Many generations of soldiers have fought and given their lives to protect this right. But, I've seen many national news outlets fail to make a distinction between peaceful protesting and looting. That is my stated purpose here.

As Fox News and many national outlets have reported, there are calls for the National Guard to be brought in to deal with the looters. Let me say that again. Looters, not protesters. CBS in Los Angeles did a story on National Guard and protesters coming face-to-face. I do not agree with the idea that law enforcement or national guard or any other type of military being brought in to stop protesters.

I have very good friends of color who I have witnessed dealing with unfair treatment by individuals, institutions and systems. I believe this conversation about equality has needed to happen for a long time. I applaud the multitudes that are peacefully making sure this issue is at the forefront.

Good Morning America documented how many of these protests have become violent due to opportunistic criminals.

In my opinion, these individuals who are causing harm to other people and property need to be arrested and locked up while we collectively throw away the key.

Casper Youth for Change are planning a peaceful event based on what they've shared on Facebook.

I 100% support their efforts and where their heart is at. Peaceful protests like this are part of what makes America great. Please don't use a broad brush and group them in with vile criminals that bring harm to businesses and individuals. They deserve so much better than that.

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