First, I'd like to say a big thank you to the great folks at Oregon Trail Elementary school for inviting me out to conduct a fun auction for the students.

We dropped in on Mrs' A's classroom on Thursday May 22nd and had a blast with the kids.  The kids have been learning how to handle, spend and save money all year long.  Each student received a mock salery for getting assignments completed and exemplary behaviour.  The students could then spend their earnings in their classroom store with treats and goodies available for the kids to purchase or they could choose to save their money for a bigger payoff at the end of the year.

The video above is a short example of our first annual year end auction with the kids as we held an auction to sell all the remaining items in the store (as well as a few other prizes).  The kids had a ball buying the items and I had fun selling them!

A huge thank you to all the teachers, assistants, parents and of course all the great kids for being so attentive and participating in our auction - Thank you all!