After a number of complaints from people in the area, a school zone on 12th street in the area of Donegal and Stafford streets has been reestablished and is being strictly enforced to remind the driving public of the changes.

This note comes to us from the Casper Police Department,

The school zone along east 12th in the vicinity of Donegal and Stafford is being strictly enforced. In conjunction with community concerns and those of students, faculty, parents, and staff of Centennial Middle School this school zone has again been established. In an effort to familiarize the motoring public of this change signage was posted 3 weeks ago. Beginning this week strict enforcement of this school zone began.

As of today over 50 school zone specific speeding citations have been issued the majority of which have been in excess of 10 miles per hour over the posted 20 miles per hour limit. In accordance with the City of Casper Municipal Court Bond Schedule fines for these violations are double those of non school zone related speeding citations.

We urge the motoring public to pay close attention to school zone speed limits as they travel throughout our community.

Keep in mind that a speeding ticket of just 1mph over the speed limit could set you back $94 in fines.