Has There Ever Been a Hallmark Christmas Movie Filmed in Wyoming?
If you're anything like my sister-in-law, then when it comes time for the holidays, you're likely binge watching every Hallmark Christmas movie in existence. This is my experience when I stay at my brother's house for the holidays. And I typically get suckered into watching them when she tells my brother, "Hey, turn off the game, we're watching a Hallmark Christmas movie tonight." And although the small towns in those movies look like they could be that of a small Wyoming town, has there ever been one filmed in Wyoming?
Wyoming Log Had More Visitors and a More Exciting Weekend Than Anyone
The Wyoming wilderness has always had its own unique personality with plenty of different creatures that you might come across on any given day. Over the weekend, one log, yes, you read that right, a log, probably saw more visitors and definitely had a more exciting weekend than anyone could have asked for.

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