Do you believe there are ghosts at the Wonder Bar in Casper? A team of paranormal investigators went on a ghost hunt recently and believe they have proof of the strange things happening there.

The YouTube channel is In Search of Ectoplasm. According to this video, they performed this ghost hunt in December of last year. The team interviewed members of the Wonder Bar staff who shared some crazy stories of things that have happened. Here are a few highlights from the video interviews:

  • After closing, one of the bartenders turned the lights off and started to leave when the lights came back on. He turned them off and they came back on again
  • Rumors that someone named John or Steve fell to their death on the old staircase before the renovation and their entities now haunt that area
  • A young brother and sister are alleged to haunt the top floor
  • One of the bartenders said that the ghosts like to throw parts of their soda equipment on the floor
  • A man is reported to have had his daughter leave the bar when he thought she was right behind him. When he found her outside of the Wonder Bar, he asked her why she left. She said she had been following her new friend that was a little boy. There was no little boy anywhere in the area.

Near the end of the investigation, the paranormal team believes they captured video of an orb or presence they claim to be former owner Al Swanson. Creepy.

Have you had any weird experiences at this location? If so, please share.

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