There is internet outrage after a story circulated about a wedding photographer who refused to refund a family after a bride died before the wedding.

Before I share details, it's worth noting that there are two sides to every story. I'll share both for the sake of fairness. First, here's the groom's side. KTVQ in Billing and The Denver Channel are just a few of the many media outlets who have documented the story of Alexis Wyatt and her fiancee Justin Montney from Colorado. They report that Justin paid $1,800 to Copper Stallion Media. After Alexis was killed in a car crash in Colorado in February before their wedding, Justin reached out to Copper Media and requested a refund. Copper Media reportedly refused.

According to those reports, Copper Stallion Media created a website called Justin to share their side of this issue. Here is an exact quote from that site explaining their position:

On February 17, Justin reached out by email to tell us that the wedding was off due to the death of his fiancée. We replied and expressed our sympathy and explained to him that all of our wedding contracts are non-refundable. He kept emailing us trying to get a refund and we kept reiterating that the contract is non-refundable.

It appears that their claim is that the contract is binding and non-refundable. They also take issue with the fact that he has shared this on social media instead of filing a legal claim. They share many negative reviews that have flooded ratings websites since this issue went viral.

What do you think? Should the wedding photography company have refunded or is a contract a contract no matter how sad the situation is?

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