Pistol Annies' debut album HELL ON HEELS will be available on Aug 23... but you can listen to select tracks first each day for 5 days!  Fans will have a chance to listen to 5 tracks from the Pistol Annie's new album HELL ON HEELS on 5 different partner sites exclusively from Aug 15-19, 2011.

Listen to each song and if you are a smart phone user, scan the attached QR Code( if you are like me and have no idea what that is, it's free & easy to download on your phone as well as user friendly) or click the link to unlock and collect a Pistol Annies badge. Collect all 5 to enter for a chance to win a private meet and greet with the girls and more!

You won't be disappointed as the girls stay true to their sassy debut 'Hell On Heels' with sure to be hits 'Family Fued' & 'Bad Example' and show a little bit of their softer side with ballads titled 'Housewife's Prayer' & 'Beige'.  To listen to the songs Click Here for Pistol Annies Website & follow the links to their partner sites.  Enjoy!

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