The women of Pistol Annies are off and running with their new 'Hush Hush' video from their sophomore album, 'Annie Up.' It's worth a watch (or two or three), as the three beautiful bandmates are sassy and slyly funny in the clip. Plus, you may recognize a few of the cast members -- Jim Lauderdale and Brenda Lee make appearances.

The Annies' 'Hush Hush' video begins with a shot of a quint country church and a congregation singing the closing refrain of 'Amen' with a choir. The pastor speaks cheerily about the church's annual potluck summer supper, which is to be a time full of fun, fellowship and a massive amount of casseroles.

The music begins and immediately the country trio, comprised of Miranda Lambert, Ashley Monroe and Angaleena Presley appear, walking to the potluck in their Sunday best, armed with trays of hardboiled eggs and jello salad. Yes, it's the typical southern church potluck. The table is filled with mouthwatering delights such as fried chicken and green bean casserole.

Throughout the video, the women are seen whispering as women do, divulging their deep, hidden secrets that so often are kept quiet and shoved underneath clean looks and forced smiles. Upon introduction of the catchy chorus, "Hush hush, don't you dare say a word," the girls are shown decked out in short black dresses, performing in a darkened church sanctuary.

Monroe decides to let her hair down -- or her skirt up -- and flashes the crowd, dancing around and shaking it to the words "God gave it to me / what good's it gonna do me / If I don't by God / Let it shine." The church potluck ends up in a dance party, with everyone letting loose and abandoning their piled high plates of food. However, the 'Hush Hush' video closes back in the church, and it's hard to tell if everything that happened was simply a daydream or actually reality.

All in all, the tone of 'Hush Hush' is light, and the band uses their contagious and spunky personalities to have a lot of fun. It's entertainment at its finest, and the vocal harmonies and catchy melodies of Pistol Annies surely will keep country fans from being 'hush hush' about their music.