There is a video that has been making the rounds showing a pit bull who has a gopher friend and he doesn't understand why his yard is being dug up. I have so many questions.

This video was captured almost a year ago, but is now trending all over again. Just the other day it was being shared on Digg.

Now my questions...prairie dogs (gophers) are naturally friendly with pit bulls? Why is the prairie dog being allowed to dig up the yard? Prairie dogs listen to instructions? I'm confused.

The most liked comment on YouTube came from a user named Mexican Cactus:

The way the dog acted like as he wasn’t touching him The gopher basically said touch me again i dare you😂

The other funny part of this is that over 60,000 people have stopped their day long enough to watch this pit bull/gopher moment. Thank you, internet, for being you.

I was shocked to learn that dogs and prairie dogs do tend to get along. Here are a couple of examples.

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