This is one of those obvious things that you should never have to tell another human being. But, please stop throwing bread to bears. Thanks.

This video was recently shared on Twitter by Haru. Behold.

Those of us that live near Yellowstone tend to go nuclear when we see people doing ridiculous things to wildlife. In the case of this video, we can chill a little. According to the YouTube description, these are domesticated retired circus bears at a farm in Olympic, Washington. It's the same place where we saw the famous viral video of the grizzly waving at a passerby.

I still feel the need to scream at the top of my lungs "DON'T THROW BREAD TO THE BEARS!" after the stupid tourist disrespected Old Faithful in the most awful way recently. There's also that time in August when the tourist was taunting the bison.

My fear is that our visiting friends will see this bread to bears video and not realize it's domesticated bears. This would likely not end well if someone tried it with the grizzlies in Yellowstone. On second thought, maybe we should let them try it. (*sinister laughter*)

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