There’s a new trend that I predict will become a hot button topic if it ever becomes a thing in Wyoming. Companies are giving more vacation to non-smoking workers to compensate for the time lost from smoke breaks from others.

This concept may sound funny to you, but it’s a real trend around the world. Business Insider recently shared the story of a Japanese company that gives non-smoking workers a whopping SIX extra vacation days. The concept is that it encourages employees to avoid the health hazards of smoking while also allowing for the fact that workers who smoke burn that much time (literally) during smoke breaks over the course of a year.

The outcry from non-smoking workers for this kind of extra compensation is growing. USA Today reported that approximately 42% of non-smoking workers surveyed want an extra 3 to 5 vacation days for this.

It’s not a surprise that a large number of workers who smoke are not happy about this trend and don’t think that their non-smoking colleagues deserve extra time off according to the survey.

What do you think? Do non-smoking workers deserve to be allowed time away to equal out the time smoking workers spend on smoke breaks?

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