Pop in the Shop is raffling of a Toyota RAV4!  The SUV is very well maintained and is going for $20.00 a ticket or 6 for $100.

All tickets sold will go to Popintheshop for future funding of projects for the kids.

Pop in the Shop works with fatherless young men ages 7-17 in their shop building classic cars from the ground up! Then they use the profit from the sale of these cars to fix up newer cars to gift away to those in need!

Some of these young men have scars from feeling rejected by their fathers. They feel hurt, confused, unloved, worthless and even like they are the reason their dad left! Many end up in jail, in gangs, on drugs, on alcohol, drop out of school or even commit suicide!

Pop In The Shop  helps them feel better about themselves and has the opportunity to pull them away from these statistics!  They can teach them a hobby or vocation in the automotive field. They even offer scholarships!

They are taught respect for others, forgiveness for others (including their father) and many other character building habits. They give back to the community by volunteering for community events!

Please give Jerry a call at 307-267-2182, Steve 307-262-3962 or Chappy 307-277-0835 a call for future info.

They will sell 500 tickets, then will draw for the winner.

Please no calls after 9 pm.