One of the realities of this new quarantine life is the possibility of discovering a new show you wouldn't have noticed otherwise. For me, Win the Wilderness is one of the best shows I've come across on Netflix.

The premise of the show is unique for a reality TV show. Win the Wilderness is a competition where 6 couples compete to win a homestead home that was built by a man and his wife in the Alaskan wilderness.

Duane and Rena Ose are a compelling couple. Duane hiked into the wilds of Alaska over 30 years ago and built his home from the ground up. He claimed it as his homestead, but the time has come for Duane and his wife to move back closer to civilization.

The entire series is only a half-dozen episodes where 6 British couples compete in a series of wilderness challenges. After each challenge, two survival experts recommend one couple who get to fly by plane to the Ose's home to meet them and help them understand why they should inherit the homestead. Each has their own story and reason for why they think the wilderness of Alaska should be their new home.

Considering our mentality in Wyoming, I can't think of another show that I would recommend more than this one. Win the Wilderness is all about the pioneer spirit and self-reliance that we champion here. For me, it's a must-watch series and I can't recommend it to you highly enough.

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