The story of radio star Casey Kasem just keeps getting more and more bizarre. He passed away in June. Not only hasn't he been buried yet but for a while his body went missing. From his own children. Now things are getting stranger. It seems he's moved. To Canada. The body of radio personality Casey Kasem, who even before his June death was at the center of a tug-of-war between his wife and his children from a prior marriage, has been flown to Canada from a Washington state funeral home, his longtime former agent said on Wednesday. Even thought a judge issued a court order barring any movement of the deceased. Yup. Crazy. "Kasem, the former host of the syndicated program "American Top 40," was moved to Canada by his wife, his agent Don Pitts said, after being kept at the Gaffney Funeral Home in Tacoma, Washington. He died on June 15 at age 82." A judge said that Kasem's body couldn't be moved. "A Washington state judge on July 16 forbade movement of the body from the funeral home based on a request by Kerri Kasem to have an autopsy conducted to investigate suspicions of elder abuse, Deraney said.The order was delivered to the home a day after Kasem's body was moved, CNN reported.A spokesman for the Santa Monica Police Department said there was an open and ongoing probe into allegations of elder abuse, but declined to provide further detail."

I guess his famous phrase "keep reaching for the stars" has more meaning now.