With the cold weather it may be tempting to start your vehicle and let it warm up while you stay inside, but Casper Police say that particular practice has led to a recent rash of vehicle thefts around the city. The Casper Police Department has received five reports of stolen vehicles within the City of Casper over the last week, according to a release.

Detective Shannon Daley said all of those reports were from residents who, due to the cold and snow, started their vehicles to let them warm up and defrost. “The vehicles were then left unattended and unlocked, allowing for the vehicle thefts to occur,” said Detective Daley. Daley said she's concerned for security and safety in our community. “Car thefts can quickly become a safety issue for motorists as well as our Casper police officers."

The Casper Police Department says they want to remind local citizens that leaving a running vehicle unattended is not allowed by law. “If your vehicle does not have a safe remote start capability, you must remain with your vehicle while you warm it up and scrape it off,” stated Daley. “We want to stress that these thefts were preventable, and taking an extra measure to ensure the safety of your property is a responsibility owed to your entire community.”

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