Based on a raw Facebook poll, it appears that a vast majority of Casper residents are not wearing masks when out in public despite recommendations by health officials.

Last week, we shared a poll on Facebook asking a simple question. Do you wear a face mask when you're out in public?

The poll is still live, but last time I checked the votes nearly 75% said they do not wear a mask. The comments on both sides of the equation explain a little bit about how people feel about this subject.

Sarah Bieber - Yes! Wearing a mask keeps you from spreading not getting. You can have it, not have symptoms yet and still spread it. The mask is to help protect others!

Ciji Hernandez - Nope I’ll keep my distance and aware of my surroundings. Wash my hands when I get home and sanitize as needed. I was taught to cover my mouth when I sneeze or cough...

Jinny Jones - I only wear it in stores when I have too.

Brian Enloe - If you're that close to me, then youre too close.

If you read the CDC recommendations for wearing a mask, you'll notice that it's not meant to protect you from getting COVID-19 yourself since it's believed that it can enter through the eyes.

Some states have now mandated that it's required to wear a face covering when you're in public due to recent surges in cases. So far, Wyoming has not made this a requirement.

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