Sure, the holiday season can be a bit of a hassle sometimes, but we've never actually tried to ruin Christmas. This Texas man, however, fully embraced his Grinchy nature and was caught on camera stealing Christmas decorations from his neighbors.

Surveillance footage shows the man as he pulls up to a home in San Antonio while driving a white, four-door sedan. He then brazenly proceeds onto a well-lit lawn and helps himself to an inflatable snowman and sled, which he places in his car.

But this Christmas thief isn't done there: he makes a second trip and steals an inflatable train set, then walks across the street and snags another inflatable from a neighbor's lawn.

But residents in the area are determined not to let this real-life Grinch ruin Christmas. One of the homeowners, who only identified herself as Diana, came forward and alerted the media.

"This can’t be left like that," she said. "Other people need to be aware that this guy is out there."

Well, we hope you enjoy your lawn decorations, Mr. Grinch, because you'll be getting coal in your stocking from now on.

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