I snore! Sometimes, very loud! And if you're like me and you get complaints from your significant other (or the neighbors), you might try these exercises to help your snoring.

Researchers had people exercise their tongue three times a day, and after three months, they were snoring less. And the volume they snored at dropped almost 60%.

Here are a few of the exercises and they recommend that you to do them 20 times each.

1. With your mouth open, push your tongue against the roof of your mouth, and slide it backwards 20 times.

2. Keep the tip of your tongue against your bottom teeth, and try to push the BACK of your tongue down.

3. Suck your tongue against the roof of your mouth. It sounds weird, but try it - just push your tongue up, creating suction, and use your entire tongue to push against the roof of your mouth. Then repeat it 19 more times.

4. Lift your soft palate 20 times. It's on the roof of your mouth at the very back. If you feel around with your tongue, it's where the top of your mouth starts feeling soft. And it tends to lift up when you yawn, smile, sing, or say "AH" like you're at the doctor.

5. If you're not into the tongue thing, you can also press your cheek away from your teeth 10 times on each side.

I've started trying a few of these exercises and so far, it seems to be helping my snoring and might help you.  Good Luck!

Click Here for pictures and exercise descriptions.

Source: Prevention

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