Business is a bit low right now. Approach the marketing team for a new strategy? Nah… let’s get all the girls soaking wet and leggy and reel in all the pervs instead. Well, that’s the strategy that China’s Guilin Merryland Resort in Gaungxi has put to the test.

This is the deal: skirts must be 38 cm or less to claim the half-price discount. According to the Shanghai Daily, women were lining up at the entrance to the park while female staff measured their skirts with rulers. We have a dream that starts off exactly like that scenario. Only ladies wearing miniskirts are eligible for the lower $9 ticket price.

Surprisingly (eh, not really), this wouldn’t be the first of these bizarre discounts in China. Only a year ago, virgins were offered completely free entry into the Zhoulou Wild Osmanthus Frangrans Festival upon presenting their “V-cards.”

Coincidentally, as long as this offer runs, there shall also be a water-splashing festival in which employers hose down the customers. Wet T-shirt contest, anyone? Oh and to whoever thought up this plan, how about free entry for white miniskirts specifically? It’s how we do it in the office.

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