Upon my return from a week spent in elk camp, the family was ready for some quality time. With two of my sons, their girlfriends, three grand-nephews, a visiting mother-in-law and my lovely bride, we had a clan and a plan to visit the SonHarvest Season Inc pumpkin patch and corn maze 5 miles this side of Riverton, Wy.

In visiting with Brian Peil , owner and farmer, I had an idea of what to expect, but this place far exceeded expectations. Afer a near 2 hour ride from Casper we arrived at the farm on a warm and sunny day. At the turn in to the fields there was a pleasant gentleman with parking suggestions and were they needed as literally dozens of cars and people had the same idea as we on this beautiful day. After an introduction to Brian and his wife Kim, off to the fields we went with a wheelbarrow and only an idea of what the perfect pumpkin looked like. Now for some that perfect pumpkin is round and orange, for others it might be tall and a different color, it could be smooth or bumpy, large or small and fortunately SonHarvest has them all. With two huge fields holding every type and color of squash imaginable, you are sure to find the perfect porch sitter for the fall season.

After the seaarching and the purchasing there are other things for the family including a wagon ride and the corn maze, both for a nominal fee. The wagon ride is a gentle rolling ride around the property and a perfect way to relax on a cool fall day. The corn maze is a little different. I personally cannot attest to the ease of the shorter easier maze, however I can tell you that the main maze will include a lot of walking and more than a few dead ends and frustration. In visiting with the young lady that mans the entrance, you should allow yourself anywhere from 45 minutes to and hour and a half to complete the maze. Wear comfortable shoes and appropriate clothing as you will be there a while. After that if the family still has the enrgy and the weather holds there are still raspberries to be picked in a large area next to the main house. They are open everyday from 9AM to sundown, so carve out some time, enjoy the fall colors and slip up to Riverton for a fall outing that can't be beat.

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