What up people? This has been the weekend of the backup quarterback.

Both Chicago and San Francisco played Monday night without their starting quarterbacks, due to concussions. San Francisco tore up the Bear’s defense in the first half. Colin Kaepernick stepped up and shined as he and the Niner’s offense was no match for the Bears’ defense. Defensively, the Niner’s shut down the Bears. I’d say the Niner’s easily covered the 3.5 point spread!

Sunday night’s game between the Steelers and Ravens didn’t fare well for Byron Leftwich; he ended up with three broken ribs. Who knows how well Charlie Batch is going to do next week will go when they play the Browns in Cleveland. Brandon Weedon should give the Steelers a run for their money.

Ed Reed of the Ravens got a one game suspension for violating the leagues rules on hits to the head. The Ravens are already playing without their leader on defense, one Ray Lewis.

New England put on a clinic when they played the Colts. Hopefully Andrew Luck learned something and will be a better player because of it. I am interested to see how bad they slaughter the Jets on Thursday. The spread right now on this game is only 5.5, seems kinda low to me, probably because they aren’t playing with the Gronk.

The game I’m looking forward to on Turkey Day is the Redskins and Cowboys. We will see how Tony Romo and the boys do against the Skins. Right now the spread is Cowboys by three.

Poor Kansas City, they get to play the Broncos on Sunday and that spread is Denver by 10.5. Peyton should have no problem getting it done, although they won’t have Willy McGahee for a while after suffering a ligament tear in his knee. I heard that it won’t require surgery, so hopefully they will have him back for the playoff run.

Another game I am interested in watching this weekend is Atlanta against Tampa Bay. No line on that one yet, but Tampa Bay has four wins going in and they are rolling. The Bucs are in the hunt for a wildcard berth, so they will have some momentum. Atlanta is leading their division, so they may not have the intensity needed to come out on top.

Moving on to college football; wow what a weekend! Both the number one and number two seeds fall! Notre Dame is sitting at the top and will play USC without Matt Barkley, which is a shame, as that would have been a classic matchup!

I heard today that Boise State, San Diego State and BYU have been in contact with the Mountain West about the possibility of their return to the league. Wyoming will play their final game at home against San Diego State. Brett Smith looked incredible last week against UNLV, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. He is really talented.

Nebraska has their final game on Friday in Iowa City when they go up against Iowa. If they can win that game they will be sitting fat in the Big 10.

So let’s go Pokes and Go Big Red!!!

That’s just my opinion, keep it real!