Sasha Allen performed a totally non-country version of Dixie Chicks' defiant ballad 'I'm Not Ready to Make Nice' on Monday's Blind Auditions episode of 'The Voice,' which caused all four of the coaches to turn their chairs around for her. She took some liberties with the song, but she slayed it.

Allen, a part-time singer but a full-time dedicated mother of two who went to performing arts school in New York, is a belter with a room-filler of a voice -- the kind that judges and viewing audiences for these types of shows absolutely love.

Her version was devoid of any twang or country leanings, but it was still memorable. If you didn't already know it was a Dixie Chicks song, you wouldn't have known it was a Dixie Chicks song, since Allen gave it a makeover, turning it into a vocal powerhouse track and making it her own.

She was eventually selected by Team Adam, who fended off his fellow coaches to bring the much-desired singer onto his team so they could really work together to turn her into a star.

It was refreshing to hear a diva-like vocalist grab a country song and have her way with it on the show.