When I wake up in the morning
And the alarm gives out a warning
And I don't think I'll ever make it on time..

It's the sound of my childhood...or at least my tween years.

I remember rushing home from school to sit in front of the TV, my hand balanced on the cable box, ready to quickly turn off the show if I heard my mom's car in the driveway.

I remember the breakups, the serious episodes about bullying, and oh the clueless Mr. Belding...he never knew what was going on.

The episode where Jessie gets addicted to drugs was particularly memorable to me, the drama, the raw and real topic...

And in times of stress even now I can be heard to say "There's no time, there's never any time!" in a frantic high-pitched voice.

So, I admit that I literally cheered out loud when I heard that "Saved By The Bell" is getting a reboot on the free streaming platform Peacock.

While the entire cast isn't back, enough of them ARE back to make this super interesting.

Zack, Kelly, Jessie, and AC Slater (my personal fav) all come back as grown-up versions of themselves.

If the trailer is any indication, they aren't taking themselves too seriously, which is the exact reason why this might just work.

And in this crazy year, I think we'd all like to travel back to the simpler times of our youth, even if it's only for the span of a 30-minute episode.

Based on the comments under the trailer the rest of the world is just as excited as I am.

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