Have you ever expressed your affections to your dog and it looks like they understand you? Science has now confirmed that it is a fact that your dog's heart begins to race when you say "I love you" to them.

I saw this on Study Finds. It's based on research done by Canine Cottages. They did a deep dive on how we interact with our dogs. There is some interesting data here including this big find about your dog's heart rate. They strapped heart rate monitors to dogs and also their owners and their findings are fascinating.

  • A dog's heart rate increases 46.2% when you say "I love you" to them
  • Cuddling your dog decreases their heart rate by 22.7%
  • A human seeing their dog will see an increase in heart rate over over 10%

This Doggy Devotion article is a confirmation of what many have believed over the years. Many elderly folks see an improvement in their help when they have a canine companion. The increase in a human dog owner's heart rate when they see them plays into this.

It also explains why many mistreated animals actually appear to be sad. It's because they really are. Without someone to show them affection, science says they will suffer.

Maybe this will be an inspiration to you to consider animal adoption from Casper's Metro Animal Services. The last time I visited them they certainly had plenty of dogs who could sure use an "I love you" in their life.

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