I80 on Saturday 01/28/23.

Forty-four semi-trucks and cars were involved in two separate pile ups between Elk Mountain and Laramie.

One person and others were injured. One accident happened at westbound mile marker 261 and the other at westbound mile marker 266.

The highway had to be closed down again, and might remain closed until Monday afternoon.

Below is are videos of long lines of trucks, going both directions, parking anywhere they can find. I have no idea what the narrator is saying. He's mumbling.

Temperatures dropped below zero. Snow kept falling.

"Been here 11 years," says our narrator. "Never seen this many."

Many truckers were stuck in their rigs all weekend.

Laramie Wyoming filled with trucks looking for anyplace they could park their rigs while they waited out the storm, and waited for the interstate to reopen.

The wrecks happed about one hour after the interstate reopened.

Some truckers, mostly likely the least experienced ones, did not understand they they could not drive the posted speed limit on a highway that was covered in snow and ice.

Those who were going too fast for the conditions wrecked.

Once a trick wrecks in those conditions they others, even the ones going slow, will do all they can to spot. But many times they just can't.

If you look along the row of trucks in the video above you'll find a few drivers detached their rigs and drove off, leaving the trailer behind.

They were just looking for someplace safer than the interstate to wait out the artic weather that this past weekend brought.

Experienced truckers know to keep enough food, water, and whatever else they might need in case this might happen.

Still, getting stuck like this is dangerous for even the oldest and wisest of them.

Finally, here is a video of some truckers making the most of it.

If you're stuck, and will be for a few days, why not get out and talk with the other truckers and have a party.

Might as well make the most of a bad situation.

Snow Crushes Wheatland, Wyoming Airplane Hangars

This row of hangars goes back many years. Some history was lost under a crush of snow.

March 21st, 2021. A record-breaking snowstorm had shut down most of Wyoming and was not yet done. Below is a gallery of photos as cleanup continues.

One of the small airports in Platte County, Wyoming is Phifer Airfield on Antelope Gap Road, east of Wheatland. Platte County has the Wheatland airport, along with one in Torrington and Guernsey. They were all shut down in the storm.

WEIRD Wyoming Snow Drifts April Blizzard 2022

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