Facebook hoaxes number in the thousands.

I have to admit when I came across a post about shaking your phone to report a problem I was doubtful.

Except it was my bestie that shared it...and she commented "Facebook is crazy! This is real."

According to the post, the latest Facebook update allows you to report a problem by simply shaking your phone when you are using the app.

I was struck with fear at the thought of how many of my friends and favorite pages I may have accidentally put in Facebook jail!

Against my better judgment, I gave it a try.

And this popped up on my screen.

Cathy Holman Townsquare Media
Cathy Holman Townsquare Media

This is NOT a hoax, it's real.

I immediately slid the button to the left to turn off this feature.

And sent a quick mental apology to everyone that I had harmed in the past when I had no idea this feature existed.

A few thoughts about this feature...

Does no one at Facebook ever let their toddlers touch their phone? In the span of 10 minutes, a cranky 2-year-old could probably put 250 people in Facebook Jail.

What about dirt roads? If you've accidentally left the Facebook app on while you're heading out to check cows you may have put your mom in Facebook Jail.

Frankly, I don't see any good reason for this update...


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