I have a hypothetical question for you. Do you believe that a Casper guy should always pay for their date's meal even if they order something outrageous?

Insider shared the story of a crazy date that was documented on Reddit. According to their report, the woman ordered lobster and a $90 bottle of wine. The guy refused to pay for it which resulted in her insulting him online in a number of ways.

The Insider said that most people commenting on Reddit said he did the right thing. But, we do things different in Wyoming. One blog about cowboys discussed cowboy ethics. #4 on that list is "do what must be done". #6 says "when you make a promise, keep it". That makes me wonder if the cowboy mentality we have in Wyoming would mean that the guy needs pay up because he's the one who asked the woman out to dinner.

But, lobster and $90 wine is an outrageous cost. Does that make a difference to you?

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