These days drinking and driving at high speeds is considered crazy, right? What about drinking and going down the slopes at high speeds? Well, skiing drunk is also illegal in the Cowboy State.

When completely sober it’s easy enough to take a spill, and maybe hurt other people as well. Since people like to unwind and have a few drinks while on a ski vacation, they even ask about whether they can be charged for skiing incoherent. And the correct answer they’re given is yes.

Even if a hefty percentage of us didn't know it, in Wyoming, skiing under the influence is considered a misdemeanor with a conviction of up to 20 days in jail. In Colorado, it's punishable by a $1,000 fine. And in Nevada, it gets up to six months in jail, a $1,000 fine or both.

While this makes one want to think twice about drinking before putting on ski boots, a Denver Post writer points out odds of ever seeing it really policed in ski areas. Still, even if not afraid of getting caught, just thinking about the idea of a mishap after a few drinks is a total buzz kill. At least "buzz kill" is what we kids once called it. We kids did a lot of crazy things, like skiing drunk. And man, did some of us ski blasted! I hope today’s kids are smarter.

Maybe you’ve heard of some of Wyoming’s dumb laws, like being drunk in a mine could equal jail for up to a year. One that sounds like a good rule - even if dumb - is for junk dealers. They may not make any business transactions with drunk persons. Dealing junk is probably not the only business to not transact with drunks.

Skiing drunk may be mentioned with other dumb laws, but should it be considered one? Is a law against skiing drunk dumb in any way at all?