Even if the brown liquid they try to pass off as coffee in your office tastes like hot water passed through worm dirt.  You might think about weaning yourself off Starbucks when you learn how much you could save, by passing on the over the counter brewed confections.

According to a study complied by Accounting Principals, the average american worker spends $1,092 every year on coffee.  That comes out to more than $20 a week for your caffeine fix.

The average American worker spends $1,476 on their commute, meaning their annual average coffee budget is only slightly below what they spend on gasoline.

But, if you're really looking to save big, you might consider brown bagging your lunch.  The average worker spends and extra $37 a week on eating outside to office, which totals $1,850 a year.  (The study based this total on working 50 weeks a year.)

If you seem surprised on these totals, don't worry you're not alone.  Most folks surveyed assumed their commute would cost more than their lunches.

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