'SNL' digital shorts are often at their best when they simply throw any and all realism to the wind and embrace complete and total absurdism. Last night's episode featured one of the show's strangest sketches ever, a bit that felt radically different than just about everything else in the episode.

Feeling less like 'SNL' and more like a 'Tim and Eric' concept, the short finds Kyle Mooney  ironing his clothes in his crummy apartment, listening to music on his crummy headphones and dancing. One of his friends, played by Beck Bennett, arrives and is so blown away by his incredible dancing skills that he insists on videotaping him. Naturally, the videotape immediately and inexplicably gets transformed into a music video, which immediately catches the attention of the popular dance group "The Nightcrawlers" which immediately leads to the fastest dance career rise and fall that you've ever seen, mainly because the whole thing begins and ends in three minutes without ever leaving the apartment.

The joke here is obvious, but it's effective enough. Mooney's dancing is awful, so watching Bennett and everyone else fawn over him is inherently funny. Of course, the whole "rise and fall of a celebrity" story is the other main angle, taking everything that usually happens in lousy biopics and reducing it down to the bare essentials. It's no comic masterpiece, but it does present a surreal and weird tone that we hope to see from 'SNL' a little more often.