When Labor Day rolled around, we remembered when we got our first snow of the year a couple years ago.

Then on Friday morning we all heard the news that the Bighorn Mountains had the first accumulating snow of the fall.

Then a cold snap rolled through, it was rainy and the temps in Casper were falling. The weather forecast then said there was a possibility that snow could fall on Casper mountain.

With all the precipitation we had in the area and the falling temperatures, the snow started to fly on the mountain. The heaviest snow happened in the late evening and early morning.

Last week we had almost every type of Wyoming weather you could think of. Start of the week it was hot and dry, throw in rain and wind, add falling temperatures and snow by the end of the week.

The Farmer's Almanac predicted that we're going to have a snow filled, cold winter.

Weatherman Don Day said in his 2022-2023 winter prediction, that this winter may be like winters of old. The Fall may not have too much for big snow, but by the time the calendar flips to 2023, the precipitation may be heavy.

According to Day, La Niña is the the cause of the weather the current weather pattern.

The weakening of La Niña will likely bring the state and region some pretty cold weather at times this winter and increased snowfall compared to the last two winters

Sounds like this little dusting on Casper Mountain, may be a small sign of what's to come this winter. Whether or not you enjoy the snow, wind and cold...it's coming. If you start preparing now, you won't have to rush around at the last minute when the snow starts to fly.

Fall Of 2022 First Snow On Casper Mountain

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