Laramie is blessed with some stunning scenery surrounding the city. Medicine Bow National Forest draws locals and tourists alike to its hiking trails and picnic areas year-round. One of the best ways to explore the forest and the Snowy Range is along Highway 130, a.k.a the Snowy Range Scenic Byway. However, this gorgeous drive is only open to through traffic for a fraction of the year, closing well before winter can hit the mountains with torrential snowstorms. But good news - as of May 24, the highway has reopened for travel.

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The Wyoming Department of Transportation announced the opening a week ahead of schedule, just in time for Memorial Day Weekend! Crews continue to work on repairs to guardrails and signage, so keep an eye out when cruising the byway.

WYDOT does want to remind visitors that even in the Spring, the chance of snow-related accidents exists. District 1 Maintenance Engineer Tim Morton referenced the melting snow as a risk factor, stating in a press release, "This snowmelt freezes at night, creating hazardous slick spots, especially in the early morning hours."

About the Snowy Range Scenic Byway

If you aren't familiar with the drive, the Scenic Byway connects Laramie to Saratoga, with ample beautiful hiking and recreation areas in between the cities. Visitors can glimpse native animal species like bighorn sheep on the craggy mountainside or perhaps a shy pika hiding in a boulder field near Medicine Bow Peak.

Notable stops along the Snowy Range Scenic Byway include the picturesque town of Centennial, the shimmering shores of Mirror Lake, and the observation point at Libby Flats. Of course, the hot springs of Saratoga are another popular destination for Laramie residents taking a trip down the byway.

You can find out more about Highway 130 and its attractions by clicking here.

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