I know that Thanksgiving isn’t even here yet, but some already have Christmas on their minds, especially the merchants gearing up for the big sales, not just on Black Friday, but now on Thanksgiving itself!  While some shoppers are chomping at the bit to score all the huge deals, several employees have expressed their distain for the idea of being open on Thanksgiving.  Do you think they have a valid complaint?

A few retail stores have decided that getting all of those holiday dollars just wasn’t enough on Black Friday, so now they’ve decided to open their doors on Thanksgiving, one of those retailers being K-Mart.  However, several K-Mart employees who were planning on not only spending Thanksgiving with their families, but to rest up for what usually lies ahead of them the following day;  masses of people crowding every isle of the store, sometimes fighting each other over scoring that big bargain.  One K-Mart employee told the Huffington Post that “By the time that we get home on Thanksgiving, we’re just going to be passing out and then we have to wake up the next day to work a 12-hour shift on Black Friday. It gets way out of hand.”

Do you think this employee is right?  Are we early bird Christmas and Holiday shoppers getting out of hand?  Are retailers becoming more greedy, or do they have a legitimate right to make that extra holiday dough, that usually helps them to survive when things are slower at their stores?  Are you planning to do any shopping on Thanksgiving to save a few dollars?