Some folks drink a microbrew or two, and the next thing you know they think they are experts on Beer. Sorry, but they aren't. Here are a some beer facts we recently learned...

  1. The study of beer and the making of beer is officially called "Zythology". We all know a few that may have majored in "Zythology" in college... without even knowing it.
  2. The first recorded case of a "drunk driver" was back around 2,000 B.C.... it was a guy cruising his chariot around in ancient Egypt when he ran over a woman. They crucified him up on the door of the tavern he got drunk in.
  3. Hops used to make beer is from the same flower family as Marijuana.
  4. When the British would ship beer to India around the tip of Africa, the beer would go bad. So, they started adding extra hops which would make the beer more stronger and more bitter. Those beers are called "India Pale Ales"... or "IPA's".
  5. Most beer aficionados suffer to some degree from "Cenosillicaphobia". That's the fear of an empty beer glass.

We had the best time when our friends Candy and Josh stopped by the studio and did this little ditty for us. (Yes, that's me yelling "beer" in the background, but in my defense, I had been drinking beer.)