Drive around Casper right now, and if you're not careful, you could damage your vehicle thanks to potholes. The damage happens every winter, thanks to having to remove snow from the roadways.

Road crews will begin their annual trek around the Oil City, filling potholes and helping to eliminate the possibility of an unexpected blown tire or bent rim. If you have a pothole in your neighborhood, you can report it using Casper's 311 app. Requests to fix potholes on the 311 app can only be made inside the Casper city limits.

Get ready to rock because Pothole-a-palooza is on. Starting Wednesday, April 24, the streets of Casper will be filled with bands of City employees and their heavy metal machinery, filling up potholes, dingers, ruts, pits, cavities, caves, and craters. Get in on the action and make use of our 311 app to report potholes in your area.

The filling will begin on April 24th and continue for the next few days.

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