When I'm facing a bit of downtime or when I'm in need of a distraction, I love wasting time with the game 'Angry Birds'. What can I say, it's an addictive game to play!

The comical style of 'Angry Birds' has made this game extremely popular, over 1 billion downloads across multiple platforms. Literally it's one of the most mainstream games on the market right now.

Following the release of 'Angry Birds', developers have continued to produce special editions of the popular bird crashing game. Developers have even spun off a new game featuring the pigs which is based on the view from their vantage point, called 'Bad Piggies'.

Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Space, Angry Birds Magic and now get ready for - Angry Birds Star Wars! Star Wars fan or not, I think most everyone will love the new edition being released on November 8th of 2012. The producers have even created a short trailer to help promote the new release:

So tell us, will you downloading the new game and check it out after November 8th?

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