As I mentioned...I love to browse some of my favorite artist's websites and see what little gem's I can find to share with you...well I was browsing AOL's and came across this gem from Steel Magnolia:

Steel Magnolia's Megan Linsey and Joshua Scott Jones are all about finding new ways to get their music to the fans. Actually, it doesn't even have to be 'their' music. The duo, who recently covered Adele's 'Rolling in the Deep' for their new web series, won't be stopping there.

"What we've decided is that we're going to do the No. 1 song on the pop chart each week," Megan tells The Boot. "This allows us to be very creative, because we have to make it work for us."

And that isn't always easy, especially with last week's tune, Katy Perry's 'E.T.' (Watch the video below.) "That song is very robotic and produced," Megan acknowledges. "We're trying to make things work just with the guitar and us."

The pair enlisted the help of their fans to name the new series, with the winner being 'Steeling the Covers.'

"We like to interact with the fans as much as we can," Joshua explains. "It's cool for the fans to be apart of everything we do. It gives them ownership and it gives us a chance to reach out to them and have more open dialog and get to know them better. We get to see what they think."

While going forward the series will be focusing on current hits, one of the first videos the duo uploaded was of the hymn 'Old Rugged Cross.' "That was just random," Megan notes. "It was Easter and we were in the Virgin Islands and we weren't going to go to church, so we decided to just play around."

"We usually go to church on Easter so we started singing old hymns on the guitar," Joshua adds. "Then we went upstairs and saw the piano. We were like, 'It's Easter, it would be cool to put it up online.'"

Playing around with songs they don't normally perform helped Joshua with the musical monotony of touring. "We'd been going a month straight not having any break at all, and I was about ready to crack," he reveals. "Once we got out there in the islands, after a couple of days, I found it was still natural to want to play music all the time. You don't realize that when you're always being paid to."

"That's the cool thing about the web series, it gives us a chance to get outside of what we're normally doing on stage every night," Megan explains. "We continue to be creative. That's really important."

Check out their latest webisode below: