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Here are today's Redneck Headlines:
#1 - Theft On Tap
#2 - Hard of Herring
#3 - Stop Pulling My Leg ... Off

Theft On Tap

Here's a tip that a Florida man could have used to stay out of jail – when you're paying for a round of drinks with a credit card, make sure it's not one you stole from the bartender.

David Weber broke into a car in a parking garage, then went down the street to The Clevelander to celebrate the heist with a cold one – but when he handed over the card, the barkeep quickly recognized his own name on the front and called cops. Weber, who is homeless, told officers he found the credit card on the ground.

He was arrested and booked into the Miami-Dade County Jail on charges of theft and fraud. (UPI)


Hard of Herring

Emergency responders in Sweden who were rushing to the scene of a reported gas leak found out that there was something fishy at the scene – literally.

The call, which resulted in the evacuation of a Stockholm suburb, turned up nothing more explosive than a bucket of fermented herring known as Surströmming – a notoriously stinky concoction popular at fall festivals in the Scandinavian country.

A firefighter called to the scene told reporters. “They’ve got gas in the building, so I find it a bit strange that they called us. They ought to know what it smells like when you turn on a gas stove. It doesn’t smell like Surströmming at all." (Register U.K.)


Stop Pulling My Leg ... Off

A Florida woman stepped into a whole mess of trouble when she decided to end a custody battle with her boyfriend by beating him – with his own prosthetic leg.

Brandon Fleming, who lost his own lower leg in a lawn mower accident when he was just seven years old, says that Jadian Hatfield came to his home and tried to walk off with their two-year-old – and brought two male friends as backup. Fleming attempted to prevent her from taking the boy when his ex attacked him, pulling off his prosthetic and hitting him with it.

She was able to get away, but cops soon caught up with her, charging her with aggravated assault, domestic violence and other crimes. (WEAR)

A wanna-be burglar in Georgia is in a ho-ho-hole lotta trouble after getting stuck when he went up the chimney without care during a heist.

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