It's hard for me to think like a woman since I'm not one. But, I was definitely surprised to come across a new study that claims 2 out of every 3 women feel trapped in the relationship they're in.

This story was shared by Study Finds. It's based off of a study done by Self. They asked 2,000 women about how they feel about their relationship and specifically about their individual financial well-being. The results are surprising. Here are some takeaways:

  • In general, two-thirds of women feel trapped financially in their relationship
  • Nearly 70% could not survive financially if the relationship ended
  • 64% wish they had their own financial accounts separate from their partner

Just over half of the women that responded to the survey also admitted they have a secret bank account their partner does not know about.

Another sad aspect of this story is they claim that many women have had financial leverage being used against them in an abusive way to keep them in the relationship.

The full Study Finds article is more than worth the read if you want to find out more about how finances affect women in relationships.

I have to wonder if this same percentage applies locally to the Casper area. I get the feeling that more Wyoming women are independent than you would find on average in other parts of the country, but that's just my guess. I am a man after all.

Responding anonymously, do you feel financially trapped in the relationship you're in?

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