I've got a good one for you. There's a new study that says Wyoming has nearly the lowest rent in America, but there's one key factor they're leaving out.

Homesnacks just released their states with the highest and lowest rent list. On the surface, it appears to be good news for Wyoming as we come in way down the list at #46 (tied with 4 other states for #43 actually).


Homesnacks says they used Zillow as the reference point for how each state ranked for rental costs. That's all fine and good, but they failed to factor in one of the biggest factors in the rental experience:


If you've ever had to deal with renting in Wyoming (or anywhere in the west for that matter), you know that it's very difficult to find available homes or apartments to rent. In my experience, it seems to be feast or famine depending on what time of the year you're looking for a place.

It's no shocker that our neighbors in Colorado ended up on the high end of this list coming in at #8 among the most costly places to rent. That's why I have a lot of friends on the front range that still live in their parents basement, so maybe we don't have it so tough in Wyoming after all.

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