It seems many would rather go to the concerts at Sturgis than Frontier Park. And a poll on it is pretty overwhelming.

The Cheyenne Frontier Nights genre has never been anything but country and classic rock. Many fans are of the opinion that should have never changed. This year’s schedule included some pop music and sales dropped. It will be interesting to see who is playing 2018’s Cheyenne lineup when that is announced in December.

A friend saw the Sturgis schedule of bands and asked, “Why was the Sturgis musical line up better than CFD’s this year?” Well, that’s probably a matter of whether you prefer the kind of music for riding bulls or riding motorcycles.


So, after asking which concert lineup was better, we have a tally on it right here:

Sturgis …..................................71.33 Percent   

Cheyenne Frontier Nights …... 28.67 Percent