Sugarland has been a household name in country music now for close to 10 years and they took a recent break from touring and performing to work in indivitual projects.

Sugarland's Jennifer Nettles took some time off to have a baby with her husband and recorded a solo project.  Meanwhile her duo partner Kristian Bush sat down and recorded some of the songs he'd been working on and put them together on an album and the results are pretty incredible.

Krisitan told Taste of Country nights that the group Sugarland is not breaking up, in fact they are just taking a break and plan to reunite later this year.  Check out the latest video for his new single 'Trailer Hitch' which has a great message and a catchy melody.

Hope you enjoy Trailer Hitch from Kristian Bush...


"Trailer Hitch" is now available on iTunes, and wherever digital music is sold! Get yours here: for more go to