Her name might suggest sweetness and light, but country sensation Sunny Sweeney probably has a little more in common with the title of her new album, ‘Concrete’ — she’s tough, unyielding, and not someone you’d want to go up against.

But that isn’t to say she doesn’t have anything in common with her namesake. With one top 10 single under her belt — and another on the way — she’s certainly hot.

Sweeney talked about ‘Concrete’ during a recent interview with Taste of Country, touching on topics like her propensity for using her personal history as grist for her songs. “I figure that there are always people that have gone through the same stuff,” she says, “and I found the more personal the stuff is that I sing about, the more people that come up afterwards and go, ‘Oh my God, I cannot believe you have a song about that. It’s awesome! Thank you.’”

And if you bought ‘Concrete’ this week, guess what? Sweeney bought a copy, too. Two, in fact. “I bought it on iTunes, I pre-ordered it, ’cause you know I wanted the … extra free track that came along with it, since I actually haven’t heard it,” she says. “But I didn’t go to bed until like two o’clock and I woke up and seven o’clock, so when I’m done doing my radio stuff today I’m gonna go to Walmart.”

Sunny’s current single, ‘Staying’s Worse Than Leaving,’ is rising up the country top 40.

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