The worst thing you can do when you’re staring into the judging beam of a police officer’s flashlight is lie to them, whether you did the thing they are accusing you of or not. This is officially worse than that.

Police in Twin Falls, Idaho arrested a man who allegedly tried to give them a false name. But according to the Associated Press, police were able to obtain the real one by looking at the tattoo on his forearm.

Police picked up Dylan Edward Contreras, 19, after an officer spotted him and two other men walking a dog in the street. He ordered them to move to the sidewalk and asked them for identification. Contreras allegedly told the officer his name was “Emiliano Velesco.” The officer conducted a record search on the name and found nothing.

Then the officer ran a background check on the suspect’s birthday and the last name from the tattoo he had written on his arm. The search found three warrants for failing to appear in court. The officer arrested him on the warrants and tacked on an extra charge of failing to identity himself to a police officer.

Then again, maybe he just temporarily forgot his name and the tattoo was just a clever way of reminding him. We’ve all seen ‘Memento.’

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