Gov. Gordon Releases New Budget to Reduce Future Cuts
Governor Mark Gordon has recently released a balanced budget for the next two fiscal years. In the budget proposal, the Governor calls for saving excess revenues to guard against future revenue challenges. He also notes that future revenues are forecast to decline because Wyoming’s leading industries continue to be targeted by the Biden Administration. Governor Go...
Cheyenne Among Top Cities in the U.S. for Longest Workweek
Wyoming has a reputation for being pretty hard-nosed when it comes to getting the job done, or any task for that matter. It's that rugged Western attitude that pushes us to get the task at hand done. Therefore, it's not necessarily that shocking that Cheyenne showed up among the top cities in the U.S. for having the longest workweek.
Special Session Concluding Statement
Senate President Dan Dockstader and Speaker of the House Eric Barlow issue the following joint statement regarding the conclusion of the 2021 Special Session of the Wyoming Legislature: “Wednesday the Legislature of the State of Wyoming concluded its work in a special session called to address COVID-19 vaccine mandates. The ...
Wyoming Gas Prices Down Slightly, National Prices On the Rise
In Wyoming, it's been awhile since we have gotten any sort of price break at the gas pump. While it has looked like it could be trending toward a decent price decrease over the past month, the national average gas price has been on the rise this week and that doesn't bode well for Wyoming's average price across the state to continue its recent trend.

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