Bikini Coffee Shop Hits Casper
Having issues waking up in the morning? Maybe you need a little something stronger than caffeine alone? How about coffee served by a bikini-clad barista?
How To Be A Douche At Work
Everyday, we have at least  one person in our office who loves coffee, but obviously hates brewing a new pot. This person will drain the pot, but leave just a swallow in the bottom so they don't have to make a new batch. They have no problem drinking the Nectar Of Gods, but seem to think t…
The 10 People You’ll Find in Every Coffee Shop
Coffee shops are entertainment hot spots. These places are chock-full of prime people-watching opportunities, because they're not just for strict coffee-lovers anymore. Nowadays, we can get everything from mocha marble whatcha-ma-call-it lattes to chocolate-banana smoothie deliciousness at…
Skip The Starbucks & Save Over $1,000 A Year
Even if the brown liquid they try to pass off as coffee in your office tastes like hot water passed through worm dirt.  You might think about weaning yourself off Starbucks when you learn how much you could save, by passing on the over the counter brewed confections.