Wyoming Listed as One of Seven Worst States with COVID Resurge
The last thing anyone anywhere wants is anything that resembled what happened in 2020. Unfortunately, recent statistics hasn't been kind to several states across the U.S. in terms of the ongoing pandemic. Wyoming happens to be one of those states on the short list for having a resurgence in COV…
Cheyenne Named as a Top City to Move to During Pandemic
Depending on your current situation, whether it may be due to financial or health reasons, moving to a new city while a pandemic is happening may not be the most ideal task to take on. However, Cheyenne happens to be one of those cities that was named as a great landing spot for anyone wanting to ma…
Vaccine Hesitancy Highest in Wyoming
According to data from the US Census Bureau from the end of March, Wyoming is currently the state with the highest rates of vaccine hesitancy, at 33.2%, and the only state currently in the 30s.

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