Call it Spring Fever!  Call it an increase in the number of people getting on your nerves on your social media page.  But for some of us, Facebook and Twitter are poisoning our lives.  We spend too much time on the apps and they are driving us crazy or worse - causing us to become depressed and withdrawn.

Good News!  We've found a way to help you detox and to get back to feeling better.

There are a lot of Facebook and Twitter Trolls out there and they find their joy in leaving constant negative comments on your posts or tweets and rarely if ever have anything good to contribute.  These people cause us undo stress and are difficult to ignore, because after all they are supposed to be our friends.

I recently found a few easy ways to detoxify your social media feed and your life by taking the 5 day Social Media Detox Challenge.  Try this if your looking to put a spring back into the step of your daily routine.  Best of all it's easy and for the most part - free.

Day 1 - Filter through your social media followers and friends.  Unfriend, Unfollow or Block anyone who has been a douche to you recently or that is stalking your personal feeds. This is straight forward.  If you don't like the context of what they post or if they are being a nuisance - trust me, they've gotta go!

Day 2 - Find a friend or family member in your phone that you haven't talked to in a while and call them.  You might call a couple of friends and "catch up".  The point here is to have actual conversations with people you enjoy talking to.  Call friends and family, or call and reconnect with someone.  But DO NOT reach out to them via social media.  Make that phone call and talk, don't just text them.

Day 3 - Make a plan to be outdoors.  Might be a stroll around neighborhood?  Walk your dog?  Or you might go to the mall and just do some window shopping.  Find something away from work and away from home and away from social media... Do something fun!  Invite friends (via phone call) and plan something to do together.

Day 4 - Be social in public.  This is as simple as attending an event and being social.  It can be any type of group or club, church or other community event or even a charity fundraiser.  Get out and meet people with similar interests as you.  Make new friends and don't be afraid to exchange phone numbers or make plans for a future outing.

Day 5 - Last but not least, spend time volunteering! It can be as simple as walking dogs needing adoption at the local animal shelter.  Or donating your time to a community clean up project.  Find a cause that is important to you and give the gift of your time.  The love and thanks you will feel and receive while volunteering will be therapeutic and help you to detox from the daily grind.  It is important to find a cause you believe in and don't be afraid to volunteer for several organisations.  You will meet new friends, laugh and smile and leave feeling whole again!

You might not be able to complete each of these in a 5 day span, but you can work on one each day until you complete all 5 and start to push away from the social media table just a little.  Believe me, it will pay off in mental dividends and help reduce some of the stress in our lives.  Plus is will help you to open up to a group of new friends and new experiences!  If you try this, please send us a note or comment and let us know of your successes.

This is your challenge - Are you strong enough to accept it?