The Rolling Stones are currently on their 50 & Counting Tour, celebrating five decades of rocking. Recently, that's included a little help from some very special guests.

The classic rockers used a very modern form of communication -- Twitter! -- to reveal that their special guest Monday evening (June 3) will be the one and only Taylor Swift.

The band tweeted the good news early Monday, pairing the announcement with a lovely photo of the 'Begin Again' singer. Monday's show is at the United Center in Chicago, so lucky Windy City dwellers will get to enjoy Swift tangoing with Mick Jagger and co.

It will certainly be quite the addition to the country signer's already impressive resume. It's not everyday that Keith Richards calls you up and ask you to come perform with one of the greatest bands in history. It's funny how the tables have turned, since Swift usually invites regional acts to perform with her on her stage when she hits their cities on tour. While the Stones are English and therefore not from Chi-town, it's still a case of "what goes around, comes around."

Swift is not the only blonde country music superstar to add a performance with the Stones to her bucket list. Carrie Underwood took the stage with the band in Toronto on May 25, singing ‘It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll (But I Like It).’ Pop singer Katy Perry also hit the stage with the band on this tour.

It'll be two entirely different generations and genres colliding tonight on the Stones' stage. It's history in the making. We can't wait to see/hear what song Swift will deliver with the band when the footage pops up on the web.